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WYSE Capital Group


Consulting with entrepreneurs and connecting them with Angel Investors. We work with both early and middle-stage growth companies. We also work with more established companies, because now many companies of all sizes need investment capital. Today, undercapitalization is one of the main reasons why companies fail. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs succeed. We feel that success ultimately provides an opportunity for exceptional returns for entrepreneurs, and Angel Investors.


Milton Arch is the founder of WYSE Capital Group™. Milton has extensive experience connecting companies with Angel Investors and is highly sought after for his expertise. Today many companies desperately need investment capital, and Milton has been able to successfully consult with and connect companies with Angel Investors.

WYSE Capital Group
WYSE Capital Group


We provide access to Angel Investors and in-depth consulting on how to effectively approach them. These Angel Investors have been qualified for liquidity and receptiveness. The Angel Investors we provide are actively interested in investing in projects. Unlike websites where you sign up and never hear from so called "investors", these are real, Angel Investor leads complete with actual phone numbers and email addresses. These Angel Investors recently indicated they were liquid and expressed an interest in investing in projects.


WYSE Capital Group™ has the knowledge, perseverance, and follow-through necessary to position entrepreneurs to succeed. We understand that two of the greatest challenges that many entrepreneurs have today is connecting directly with actual Angel Investors and knowing the "right" things to say to them. Our approach is to both consult with entrepreneurs and connect them with as many Angel Investors as possible. This can give entrepreneurs more options, which can enable them to be more selective.

WYSE Capital Group
WYSE Capital Group

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