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The WYSE Capital Group Strategy

In-depth research to uncover investors relies on the quality and scope of the information available. WYSE Capital Group™ places extraordinary value on the need for our analysts to provide creative, future-oriented research of a quality and scope that is second to none.

Analysts are encouraged to explore traditional and non-traditional avenues. They employ unique cross-referencing techniques necessary to locate relatively untapped investors receptive to new projects. Research data gleaned on emerging investors enables us to monitor their progress over time and initiate contact before others flood them with offers.

In our quest for information, we also evaluate materials that are widely available in the market from sources such as central banks, government agencies, and independent research organizations. Personal visits are also an excellent vehicle that greatly assists in the appraisal of investment ability and interest.

Financial centers offer another key information source. Changes in fixed interest rates, exchange rates, and commodity prices indicate where to look for new investors. Major divergences in stock price performance between companies and industries are key signaling mechanisms as to what investors might be looking to invest in. They guide our research efforts and alert our analysts to new global themes and prospects.

The quality of investors we provide access to is critical. Becoming involved with investors who don't have sufficient money or a desire to invest is a waste of time for everyone involved. There are always active, receptive investors available that offer a wealth of opportunities for the savvy entrepreneur. Although significant investment comes from large institutional investors, the more perceptive analyst identifies smaller, individual accredited investors. These accredited investors are often much more receptive to early and middle-stage companies than large institutional investors are.

WYSE Capital Group™ devotes significant resources to discovering and monitoring these smaller, individual accredited investors, since many can invest very sizable amounts of money and are often quite receptive to new projects. By accumulating a network of accredited investors, entrepreneurs can position themselves to secure all of the investment capital they need, while less informed entrepreneurs fail to even hear back from other investment sources. The quality of the investors provided is critical to securing investment in today's marketplace.

As a client company of WYSE Capital Group™, you will be directly involved with an organization consisting of experienced and ethical professionals whose only mission is to provide you access to a global network of venture capitalists, angel investors, and accredited investors so that your project or company can secure the funding you need.

"Over the past twenty years, the network of investors that WYSE Capital Group™ provides access to have invested, structured, or organized seed capital, venture capital, bridge loans, private investor equity, and other venture capital funding or corporate finance vehicles for companies across many different industries. The size of these transactions ranges from $250K to $100 million. However, we strongly feel that today's opportunities are even greater than those of the past."

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