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WYSE Capital Group


Investing in or acquiring venture capital, direct private equity, and strategic or corporate venture capital for early and middle stage growth companies. Our goal is to provide exceptional returns for both the entrepreneurs and investors. This approach helps to ensure that investor's best interests are looked out for, since we ourselves are also investors.


Milton Arch is the CEO of WYSE Capital Group™. Milton has extensive experience in the Venture Capital arena, and is highly sought after for his expertise. Milton has been able to successfully marry the needs of investors and client companies, into one common goal. This synergy has produced truly exceptional results, that otherwise would not have been possible. Milton Arch is also a Minister of the grace gospel of Jesus Christ, and maintains a separate independent ministry,

WYSE Capital Group
WYSE Capital Group


Over the past twenty years, the members and affiliates of WYSE Capital Group™ have invested, structured, or organized seed capital, venture capital, bridge loans, private investor equity, and other venture capital funding or corporate finance vehicles for its portfolio companies across many different industries. The size of these transactions has ranged from $500K to $100 million. However, we strongly feel that today's opportunities are even greater than those in the past.


WYSE Capital Group™ assesses several companies a year, which are then methodically researched. Out of the initial companies, most will be eliminated almost immediately upon preliminary review. The remaining businesses will then be further investigated and subsequently narrowed down to two or three that we feel will definitely succeed even if market conditions worsen. WYSE Capital Group™ was founded with its sole mission to invest in or secure client companies that provide investors with truly exceptional opportunities.

WYSE Capital Group
WYSE Capital Group


WYSE Capital Group™ has the knowledge, perseverance, and follow-through necessary to help both companies and investors succeed. Our approach is to evaluate market conditions and then take the appropriate action.

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We believe that putting the financial well-being of our customers first

which, ultimately, serves the best interests of our clients, our communities, and ourselves.